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Russell with his award

Russell Leggett - EEEGR Lifetime Achievement Award

We would like to extend our congratulations to Lovewell Blake Senior Partner, Russell Leggett, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Annual EEEGR Innovation Awards held on Thursday 16th July.

Russell was given the award in recognition of his contribution to the local energy sector here in the East.

Congratulations Russell!

(picture of Russell courtesy of EEEGR.)


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Summer Budget 2015

The Chancellor delivered his second Budget of the year yesterday. The details can be found in our Budget summary pages.

You can also go directly to the individual sections covered here:

Personal Tax

Business Tax

Capital Taxes

Other Matters

If you have any questions about what is included please contact us.




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No more 'tax free' dividends

As a shareholder of an owner managed company, it is likely you benefit from tax and NI efficient remuneration by drawing a low salary and then dividend to utilise the basic rate band of tax.

Focus on Family Business Column - EDP July 2015

One (of many) issues that many family businesses face is that the strategy of the business has often been set by the older generation or was set in a previous generation. The result of this can be a general lack of buy in by senior management, missed opportunities for the business and a general drop in energies to drive the business forward.

Passing it on - Norfolk Magazine July 2015

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax on the money or assets that a person leaves behind when they die. It can also apply to gifts that are made within seven years of death.

VAT Alert: Energy Saving Materials to Change from 5% to 20% VAT Rate

The last Labour government introduced a 5% VAT rate on the supply and installation of energy saving materials for residential property. The European Commission (EC) disagreed with the decision to charge the reduced rate of 5% VAT and instigated proceedings against the UK. The EC won and we are now waiting for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to announce when the VAT rate has to rise to 20%.

Revised Charity Reporting and Accounting Guidance (CC15)

The Charity Commission has updated its ‘Guidance on Charity Reporting and Accounting’ (CC15) documentation to reflect the recent increases in external scrutiny thresholds.

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9 September 2015 – The Space Conference Centre, Roundtree Way, Norwich, NR7 8SQ

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18 November 2015 – Easton Campus, Easton & Otley College, Easton, Norwich, NR9 5DX

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