Elliott Tooke - Case Study

Elliott Tooke

Elliott Tooke discusses his role at Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Elliott Tooke

What is your role at Lovewell Blake Financial Planning?

I am an administration apprentice at Lovewell Blake. My role is the upkeep of general admin within the financial department and being the first port of call for clients who phone. I ensure that stock/equipment is maintained and that internal systems are to date. In my role I am also responsible for the distribution of post that comes into the firm daily.

My role is effective as an entry level position to a Financial Planning firm as I am able to begin understanding processes and terms, whilst contributing to the team in ways which don’t require a use of knowledge of the financial services market right away. I do not have a finance, economics or maths background and only a few months into my job role I am already learning lots and enjoying my early development. A big factor in this is the supportive and friendly nature of colleagues in Lovewell Blake. The team is very welcoming and make sure I am comfortable in what is expected of me.

Why did you choose Financial Planning?

I chose Financial Planning due the client-centred approach to finance. Having previously worked in retail and hospitality I felt this is something I enjoyed and had experience with. Lovewell Blake as a whole is a very client-oriented firm but regulations in financial planning ensures this never slips as a primary objective in our department. Financial planning was new to me and something I was interested in after only a short research knew this would be something I would be interested in.

Tell us about your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship is done through Skillsedge (an apprenticeship provider) and is for a Level 3 Financial Services Administrator qualification. The apprenticeship includes taking a CII exam R01 Financial Services regulation and ethics and taking part in an EPA (End point Assessment). My manager and Skillsedge tutor ensure I feel fully supported throughout my apprenticeship process, with review meetings to check on progress.

The same level 3 apprenticeship is being done by someone who came into the business a few months before me. It’s reassuring to have someone else as a reference who has recently undergone the same procedures, especially if feeling stuck or unsure.

What tips do you have for those looking to begin an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship, especially if someone didn’t have previous industry experience as it’s a nice way to step into a new industry without a professional knowledge expectation . My best tips would be to be inquisitive though asking lots of questions and stay organised.

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