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Our next event

Xero - An introduction, including MTD

March 2019
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Trainee intake at Lovewell Blake

By: Vicky Webber Date: 2 November 2015
Category: Staff,Lovewell Blake Financial Planning,Exam Success

It’s that time of year again – we’re recruiting for trainee accountants. Our AAT and graduate positions will start in the summer of 2016 and the application process is open now and closes on 15 January.

Make your application count by following our top tips below.

Type the application form
Our form has been designed so it is easy to download and edit on any word processing software. There is no need to handwrite the form; we want to know about you, not your handwriting. Where we ask you to sign and date the form, just type your name and the date and hey presto! The form is signed!

Think about your answers
You don’t need work experience to be able to answer the questions, you will have had plenty of experiences whilst studying which you can use. For example, have you worked in a team on a project? Are you part of the school football team? Was there a time you did not understand your homework or an assignment? Use your real life examples to tell us about you.

Check, double check, triple check
Get your mum or dad, teacher or even your neighbour to check! There is no excuse for incorrect spelling or any other mistakes on your application form. This form will be our first impression of you, so make it count!

Don’t rush
The deadline is 15 January, which means you have plenty of time but don’t leave it until the last minute. If you have submitted your form and would like to add more information then you can email us with the updates and they will be added to your application.

Shout about yourself
It’s a competitive world out there so make sure you shine. What are you proud of? Have you been praised by someone for something you did? Did your sports team win a tournament? You may not think these things are very interesting but we need you to tell us about them and we can then decide whether you’re the one for us.

Use examples
Where we ask you to use examples, make sure you give them to us. Think of it as though you are telling a story; we want to know what happened so we can see whether your approach to things fits with the way we do things. These examples will also help you when it comes to the interview stage, as you will already have examples you can expand on.

Applying for jobs can be a daunting and tiresome exercise but as long as you put 100% effort into the process, you will see the results you want.

If you are applying for one of our positions then good luck. We look forward to reading your application!
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