Coming 1 June 2021: NEW PCSE Online Payments and Pensions Service

Sophie Palmer
Sophie Palmer, Lovewell Blake Accountants

Action required now if not already registered for PCSE online

Sophie Palmer, Lovewell Blake Accountants

The new online pensions service launches 1 June 2021.

PCSE have been writing to Practices about the imminent new service and there is access to guidance and resources on their website so that Practices are ready when the service goes live.

Find out more on PCSE’s website to see what it will mean for your Practice. 

All individual GP performers need to ensure they have also registered to use the services on PCSE Online.  This is relevant for all GP Performers; GP partners, salaried GPs and locum GPs.

How to get access to PCSE Online

Access the log-in page here.

In November 2019 PCSE sent a letter out to Practices (addressed to the CQC Registered Manager), which set out guidance on how to activate registration to PCSE Online.  If this has not been actioned because the letter has been mislaid or was never received, Practices can ask for a new letter by emailing PCSE. Each Practice should have a nominated User Administrator.  If the Practice does not know who the Practice's User Administrator is, they can contact the team here, and they can advise who has this role at the Practice.

All individual GPs have been automatically registered and should have been sent a verification email, from, to set up a password.  This email will have been sent to the email address registered with the GMC.  If you have not registered for PCSE Online, perhaps the original email was not received, you will need to contact PCSE to register.

More details can be found here:                                

Practice Income Statements

When the new online service launches, Practices will need to access monthly statements via PCSE Online instead of Open Exeter. Statements will be available from the last 6 years, plus the current year.

Statements available on PCSE Online will include:

  • a breakdown of all payment claims
  • expected payment dates
  • pension deductions taken from practices
  • pension deductions for a member to-date

There is more on this within PCSE’s guide.

Practice Payments

The new system will provide the ability to submit claims for premises reimbursements and locum cover online. 

Once enabled with the Practice’s CCG, this will mean a Practice can submit claims online, with the ability to track where all claims are in the process.

GP Pensions                                          

The new PCSE Online service will enable Practices and individual GPs to submit pension information, such as an Estimate of GP and Non GP Provider NHS Pensionable Profits, Annual Certificates, Self-Assessment (Type 2) forms, GP Locum A and B forms and GP SOLO forms.

Individual GP performers will also be able to submit their own forms through their PCSE Online account and they will be able to see if they have any missing pension records from the last six years.

Where an accountant prepares the Annual Certificates, these certificates will now have to be completed via an online form version on PCSE Online (see further below about access for accountants).  This online form for each GP Partner can be accessed via the Practice’s PCSE Online account.  Each Annual Certificate will need to be approved by the individual GP partner and so each individual will be required to have their own log-in to PCSE Online to action this when the time comes.

Other tasks that can be done via PCSE Online include opting in and out of the Scheme and dealing with retirement and 24 hour retirement.

More information about the service can be found here.

Accountant’s access

A GP Practice can set up their accountancy firm as a user to authorise them to have access to the Practice’s PCSE Online account.

There is a specific role that can be assigned to the accountant’s log-in.  This will allow us access to the areas of PCSE Online that we need to enable us to continue to support the Practice and Partners on the pension administration tasks that we are already engaged to provide.

We will be contacting each of our GP Practice clients regarding this access.

At the moment, it has not been made clear to accountancy firms whether we will be able to be granted access to the PCSE Online account belonging to an individual GP performer for whom we act, where we do not have access to the Practice’s PCSE Online account (as we do not act for the Practice).  This question was put to PCSE during a live online webinar hosted by ICAEW last week and we are awaiting a response.

Support and Guides

PCSE Online is designed to be easy to use; however, if you do need support, you can access PCSE’s guides via their website.

There will be more guides made available as PCSE get ready to go live.  Their guides are being continually updated, so please check back regularly.

PCSE have also advised that there will be a series of webinars made available to Practices to provide an overview of the new functionalities.  So keep an eye out for communications from PCSE about these.

There is also an FAQs page on PCSE’s website here.

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