GP practices need to check their amount received for QOF achievement

Keith Shorten

It is important that GP Practices check the amount received, via their Open Exeter statement, for their 2019/20 QOF achievement.

Practices should have received confirmation from NHS England in March 2020 that all 2019/20 Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) achievement payments will be made based on the points achieved per CQRS as at 31 March 2020, but practices will also receive a ‘one-off adjustment’ if they have achieved less points than in 2018/19 as a result of Covid-19 activities, i.e. no Practice should be paid less than for 2018/19 if their reduction in 2019/20 QOF points is solely due to Covid-19.

If the Practice is an outlier in terms of QOF points reduction then their CCG will check whether this is solely due to Covid-19 before making any ‘one off adjustment’ payment.

Practices, therefore, need to be aware of what their final 2018/19 QOF points and income were and check what has been received for 2019/20. If they have received less than for 2018/19 and they believe this is solely a result of Covid-19 activities they will need to speak to NHSE&I / their CCG.

NHSE&I have previously stated that 2020/21 QOF money will be protected and based on previous performance, however, this is currently being discussed with the BMA. Practices should keep an eye on their monthly aspiration payments since April 2020, received via Open Exeter, to ensure there is no significant reduction compared to that received during 2019/20.

If practices have any doubts or concerns assessing their QOF payments

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