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2022 will be a critical year for the UK Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure sector, as it seeks to emerge from the Covid pandemic.

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Despite two years of healthy domestic tourism, a combination of Covid restrictions, staffing shortages, rising costs and fragile consumer confidence will present challenges as our sector seeks to grow its way back to good health.

Sector specialist chartered accountants Lovewell Blake has put together a short survey to find out the key issues facing businesses in our industry, and to understand what needs to be done to provide the maximum level of support.

We would be very grateful if you feel able to undertake the survey; it contains just nine questions and should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

You can find it here.

Your responses are confidential, and the data will only be released in aggregated form. 

We will be sharing the results with Visit East of England members in due course.

Please do consider taking the survey – only by understanding the needs of businesses in our sector can we provide and lobby for the right support for us all to succeed.

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