Online HR masterclass series will help employers adjust to the ‘new normal’

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After a tumultuous year, learning the lessons from 2020 and adjusting to the ‘new normal’ in HR is a massive challenge facing all employers – and especially smaller businesses which may not have a dedicated HR function.

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Now a renowned HR consultancy team is offering a series of four online masterclasses covering everything from selection for furlough and fair redundancy processes to flexible working and supporting employees’ wellbeing.

The four masterclasses, running through February and March, are being presented by the HR consultants from Lovewell Blake, whose series of HR masterclasses over the past three years has built a strong reputation amongst employers of all sizes.

The fortnightly one hour online presentations start on Thursday 4th February, when Claire Moore looks at the common issues employers faced and had to react to during 2020, including HR documents, employee absence and communication.

The second masterclass, on Thursday 18th February, will see Vicky Webber present on the importance of fairly selecting employees to be placed on furlough or layoff, and the key things to consider for a fair redundancy process.

The third masterclass, on Thursday 4th March, is entitled ‘The New Normal – Flexible working: benefits and challenges’.  With flexible working high on the agenda, Vicky Webber will talk about the benefits – and challenges - it brings for employers , including how they can provide flexibility for staff who cannot work from home.

The final masterclass in the series, on Thursday 18th March, focusses on supporting employees’ wellbeing and mental health.  The pandemic has brought this issue to the fore for employers, and is particularly important for those returning to the workplace after significant periods of furlough.

Lovewell Blake HR adviser Claire Moore, who is presenting the first and fourth masterclasses, said, “The past year has seen employers face unprecedented HR challenges, and as we gradually adjust to the ‘new normal’, we will all have to learn new ways of working.”

“Increased flexibility, added pressures on employee wellbeing, dealing with the practicalities of furlough and potential redundancy, and simply ensuring that documentation and procedures are effective and appropriate, all call for a different approach from employers.”

The four Lovewell Blake online HR masterclasses run on 4th and 18th February and 4th and 18th March, with each masterclass running from 8.30am to 9.30am.  Attendance is free, but places must be booked in advance.  Click here for more details and to reserve a place.

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