Open Exeter and the new PCSE online portal

Sophie Palmer

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) are introducing a new digital service for submitting, approving and reviewing payment claims and pension requests.

This is specifically targeted at the current system for GP Payments and Pensions (GPPP). 

This is all part of their transformation project, aimed at improving the services they provide to primary care practices across England.

GP Payments 

The most noticeable difference is that they are replacing the current database and Open Exeter interface with a single database accessed via PCSE online (which has also been referred to as ‘the Portal’).   

The new system was expected to be launched from next month.  However, PCSE have recently sent out an update on this to Practices explaining that this has been delayed due to the decision to extend the testing time.  They have not advised of a revised launch date as yet.  

When the new system is launched your monthly statements will be on PCSE Online instead of using Open Exeter. 

It is expected that the Open Exeter system will continue be used into 2021, giving practices access to information required. 

However, it may be prudent for Practices to ensure (and we would advise that action is taken if not already done so) they access and save copies of any reports they require from the Open Exeter system.  

Below is a list of suggested reports, most of which Practices will recognise as ones that may be requested to assist with the year-end accounts preparation, but this is not an exhaustive list and there may be others that would be beneficial to save for use internally.

  • The mid-month and end-month Open Exeter income statements for the last full accounts year and the months since the end of your accounts year to date (September 2020 or later as the launch date has been postponed)
  • The PPA drugs income statements for the last full accounts year and for the months since the end of your accounts year to date (September 2020 or later as launch date has been postponed).
  • The quarterly global sum statements for each quarter that falls within the last full accounts year (these are dated 1 April, 1 July, 1 October and 1 January), and any since the end of your accounts year to date. We have assumed that the quarterly statement dated 1 October 2020 will be available via the new 'portal, but given the delay to the launch date you might find this becomes available with the Open Exeter system for Practices to download from there
  • The GP superannuation payment on account deduction statements for 2019/20, which we be required for completing the 2019/20 superannuation certificates in February 2021. If you find you cannot see these listed please let us know, as we have some instructions from NHS Digital on how to resolve the error which we can forward on to you
  • Any other reports you usually require for your Practice's internal procedures/reporting (for example, GP capitation reports, enhanced services income reports)

GP Pensions 

PCSE also manages the pension administration services for NHS England. 

The new system is designed to make it easier for Type 1 and 2 Practitioners and Locums working in General Practice to submit pension information and track progress of information to make sure their pension details are correct. 

Practices will be able to manage information all in one place and PCSE have advised that Practices will be able to give other users (e.g. your accountants) access to the ‘portal’.  This will be key for accountants as it will enable them to be involved in this process and submit certificates on behalf of GPs. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the above

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