Top tips for virtual interviewing

Camilla Stone
Human Resources

With most things turning virtual within the last 6 months, our interviewing process has changed. We now hold interviews via a virtual platform.

Attending an interview can be daunting at the best of times let alone adding technology into the mix. We have come up with our top tips to prepare for a virtual interview:

  • Prepare your technology – make sure you have a computer, webcam and a good internet connection set up ahead of your interview.
  • Eliminate unwanted distractions – find a quiet space and remove clutter. Keep background noises to a minimum and let anyone at home know you’ll be having your interview. Make sure you have a clear background behind you so during the interview the main focus stays on you.
  • Do your research – look on our website and find out our company culture and what kind of career you could have with us. Start with our careers page which will give you information on the role and what you can get out of working here.
  • Dress code – more than likely you may be at home when your virtual interview takes place but that doesn’t mean you should dress down. Make sure you are still dressing interview appropriate and keeping it smart and professional.
  • Relax! – virtual interviewing can be more daunting as you aren’t able to get the same interaction as you would face to face but remember that body language can still be picked up virtually so try to stay calm and relaxed.

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