Kai Ward - Case Study

Kai Ward

A case study from Kai Ward.

Kai Ward

Why did you choose accountancy? 

Accountancy wasn’t exactly something I had planned to delve into, especially during school. However, after deciding I needed a full-time job rather than my part time work in retail, I wanted to try something new that I hadn’t considered before. The options I contemplated included engineering, IT managing, teaching and accountancy. Out of said options, it was quickly evident that accountancy would my best course of action after an exciting opportunity came my way.

Why did you choose Lovewell Blake? 

Lovewell Blake was my first opportunity to join the accounting world. They were recommended by a family member, as there were spaces available for young trainees. They also held the firm in high regard, as their company are also set up with them. After conducting my own research, I found Lovewell Blake stood out from other, similar firms in a way that demonstrated they truly were different, because you are. I was captivated by the way they treat clients and staff as real, individual people rather than a number on a register or client book. They seemed the perfect choice for a young, eager mind with a willingness to learn and improve like myself.

What is your role? 

My role at Lovewell Blake is a Trainee Accountant.

Why do you enjoy your role? 

The main reason I enjoy my role so much is because there’s always a sense of reward when completing a job. By spending so much time perfecting he accounts for a client, or logging their information as a form of bookkeeping, there’s always a rewarding feeling and a sense of pride at the end. The problem-solving element is also a strong factor. Especially at the start there’s a lot to learn and take in, but when you can finally apply it to solve problems that you couldn’t before and enjoy doing so, that’s when you know your role is the right one for you.

How have you progressed? 

Since beginning work at Lovewell Blake, my knowledge and application of accountancy has improved dramatically, although this is particularly due to my prior lack of experience with the subject as a whole. However, I have progressed in many other areas due to my role, one being my professional skills. Making the right start with colleagues was often a challenge for me, but since working at the firm, I have grown in confidence around other people with more experience with accountancy than myself.

What three words would you use to describe working at Lovewell Blake? 

Rewarding. Supportive. Engaging. 

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