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Teresa Baker

We pride ourselves in providing individually tailored services to our clients. Whatever your aspirations and priorities in business and life, we will be by your side with expert advice from local specialists. It is because your needs are unique, that the solutions we provide are distinct and personalised to you.

Teresa Baker

Personal and Business Financial Planners

Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Limited offers independent financial planning advice to both individuals and business owners in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

We have grown into one of the largest teams of independent financial advisers in East Anglia, and currently look after over £550million of our clients’ investments and pension funds.

Working closely with our accountancy colleagues means that we are able to offer you integrated financial and tax planning solutions.

Our experienced team of financial advisers provide financial planning that extends beyond financial advice and encompasses investment management and tax planning, taking a comprehensive view of our clients’ needs and aspirations, to assist them in achieving their current, and future objectives. 

We will often work with several generations of a family, as well as businesses offering our expertise in all areas of financial planning themes such as: 

For three consecutive years, we have been rated by the Financial Times as one of the top 100 Financial Planners in the UK.

Advising Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

We have advisers available at each of our offices, so no matter where you are based, one of our team will be able to meet you either at your home or local office, and talk through your needs.  

Not in our local area? - That's no problem, as we are happy to meet you via Teams or Zoom.

We are proud to announce that we have made our Lovewell Blake Financial Planning 'Personal Finance Portal' available to all clients, it doesn't matter where you live, so long as you reside in the UK. 

Once your Personal Finance Portal is activated, clients benefit from the following:

  • A secure, online portal which is available to you 24/7

  • Access to the Lovewell Blake Financial Planning APP

  • Invaluable access to your financial information and interaction via a secure online hub

  • The ability to communicate safely and securely with your adviser, online

  • View all your short, medium and long-term finances in one places at the touch of a button

And better still;

  • Send and receive messages and documents that are fully encrypted and safer than email

  • Get your own document storage to house all your financial documents securely

  • See your accounts, portfolios, transactions and balances

  • Enjoy an interactive and engaging display all in one place

  • Separately activate Open Banking so you can analyse your spending habits and get on top of expenditure


What is financial planning?

Financial planning is centred around creating a long-term, coherent strategy to help you meet your lifetime financial goals and aspirations, through the efficient management of your finances. It is about giving you peace of mind if you are “on track” and creating a roadmap for your finances if you aren’t. Think of financial planning like you would think about planning a journey - everyone needs a little help along the way.

What is covered in a financial plan?

A financial plan is unique, and it is designed around your requirements. Typically, we focus on your most pressing, and important needs foremost. In terms of the scope of what is covered, we have provided a list of the key areas that will form part of your personal, financial plan.

  • Objective planning
  • Financial forecasting
  • Disaster planning
  • Financial budgeting
  • Emergency fund
  • Financial protection
  • Tax planning
  • Saving and investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Family financial planning.

Can I do my own financial planning?

Yes, however completing this journey alone without the skilled services of a financial adviser could be fraught with risk. We would encourage you to enlist the services of a financial adviser at Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Limited to maximise the opportunities available to you, and your loved ones. Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Limited will help you alleviate any burden you might have by using years of experience, knowledge, expertise, and practice, ensuring that all aspects of a financial plan, and maximising the various tax wrappers are considered carefully and executed promptly and appropriately.

What does a financial planner do and are they worth it?

Efficiently managing your investments and making the right financial decisions takes time, knowledge, and effort. It’s not a one-time decision, either. With time representing a precious commodity for most of us, utilising the expertise of a financial adviser could not just save you and your family time, but it could save you money too. Time is money, and there could be a significant cost to delaying the right financial decisions or prolonging the wrong ones. Our existing clients value our services and many have had a longstanding relationship with our financial advisers that extend to their relatives, and businesses.

What are the benefits of paying someone to manage my investments?

At Lovewell Blake Financial Planning, we will recommend a suitable investment product that fits in with your financial plan. We will do this by researching the whole of the marketplace. Separately, we will establish your attitude to investment risk by completing a risk-profiling questionnaire to assist us in designing an investment portfolio for your proposed investment that is commensurate with your chosen level of investment risk. Each year, we will review the product, and its associated investment strategy to ensure it remains suitable and is on track to achieve the investment objectives that were agreed from outset.

What is the difference between budgeting and financial planning?

Budgeting normally concentrates on the short-term, with an objective in sight. This could be to reduce debt, or save for a family holiday, and is normally centred around your money. Financial planning, however, takes a long-term view on your finances, liabilities, savings, investments, retirement aspirations, and protecting you, and your loved ones.

How does Lovewell Blake stand out as financial planners?

Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Limited (LBFP) was formed in 1999 by the partners of Lovewell Blake Chartered Accountants. From those early beginnings the company has grown into one of the largest teams of independent advisers in East Anglia with a combined industry experience of over 150 years. We currently look after over £600million of our clients’ investments and pension funds. Our growth is due to our client relationships, with clients returning year after year to review their aims and objectives. We work closely with our accountancy colleagues to provide integrated financial and tax planning solutions to meet our clients’ needs. In doing so, we have been recognised as one of the top financial advisory firms in the UK for the third year running. Moreover, in 2020, we attained the ‘Pension Transfer Gold Standard’ award. This is an industry recognised award and an endorsement of a series of both quality measures, and best practices. We pride ourselves on a commitment to professionalism and a Code of Ethics that places clients at the heart of our business, which elevates the importance and value of financial wellbeing through financial planning and investment advice.

Does the 4% rule work for early retirement?

The 4% rule is geared around retirement at age 65. If you wish to retire earlier, there is more of a risk that your retirement funds may not last for the whole of your retirement.

What is the standard portfolio split for a 4% pension?

Traditionally, the 4% pension rule is broken down into a 60-40 split of stock and bonds. This combination has a low volatility and a relatively steady income which is due to the fact that it combines higher-yielding stocks with a buffer of low-risk fixed investment bonds.

What happens to my 4% pension if I die?

Most pension schemes will allow a spouse or beneficiary to receive the remaining value of your entire fund (less tax in some cases) in the event of your death. The receiver of the funds can then decide whether to continue with the level of the previous 4% payment or set a new one. It is generally recommended that at this stage, you seek financial advice to determine a suitable level of income payment.

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