VAT registered businesses to move onto HMRC’s new single customs platform before the deadline of 30 September 2022

Rob Geary
Rob Geary VAT consultant for Lovewell Blake

The first phase comes into effect at the end of September 2022. Businesses importing goods after this time will need to use HMRC’s new single CDS platform to make import declarations. After 31 March 2023 CHIEF will no longer be able to be used for export declarations and these will need to be posted onto CDS from then.

Rob Geary VAT consultant for Lovewell Blake

Businesses are being urged to migrate onto the new system ahead of the deadline to avoid set up delays and system issues.

For any businesses who use a customs agent they should take steps to must make sure they are set up to make their import declarations through the Customers Declaration Service by the deadline. Businesses who do not use a customs agent must set themselves up using software that is compatible with the system by the deadline.

Postal operators will continue to make customs declarations on behalf of small business who receive goods from abroad by post, and will inform these businesses of any duty due.

HMRC have issued guidance on on the new Customs Declaration Service, including how to sign up to the platform and how to make a declaration. HMRC have also allocated the following email address for help and support with the Customs Declaration Service.

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