A cash flow model is a detailed picture of a clients’ assets, investments, debts, income and expenditure, which are projected forward, year by year, using assumed rates of growth, income, inflation, wage rises and interest rates.

Scott Hansell, Director of Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Firstly, you might be wondering - what is cashflow modelling?

Well, cashflow modelling is a tool used by Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Limited to demonstrate how long your money is likely to last in retirement. Within our specialist pension planning services, your financial adviser will provide you with a cashflow illustration that maps out your savings and investments, year by year.

Our expert team of financial advisers will work with you to create a detailed plan and strategy to project your financial future. 

Modelling anticipated expenses alongside your investments and pensions can help you better understand your future, and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your long-term goals.

The plan should be reviewed on a regular basis to accommodate changes in your personal circumstances. 

We will demonstrate any changes to show you how these influence your goals.

Together, we will be in control of the plan. 

The following cash flow graphs provide a view of how the service can help, providing you with: 

  • Current and estimated fund values as you accumulate and draw income. This allows you and your adviser to calculate longevity relative to the risk you are comfortable taking.

  • A line showing income taken and, the impact of tax to ensure your income assets are liabilities are structured to maximise tax efficiency.

  • We can also factor in other incomes such as your state pension.

At Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Limited, our team of advisers and paraplanners provide valuable support to help plan ahead of your future. 

Chart illustrating cash flow
Chart illustrating cash flow

We also have a range of services if you are looking for more general personal tax planning.  

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