Good Money Week 2023

Stephen Metcalf
Financial Planning
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We are living in a world where it is not unusual for both individuals and groups to actively look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, ‘Just Stop Oil’ has carried out a series of high-profile protests, including recently disrupting play at Wimbledon and Lords.

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Whilst we may not necessarily support or condone some, or all their actions, many of us make a conscious effort to recycle or reuse products, give money to charity, or generally do our best to help others. This thought process does not always then extend to the social and environmental impact of our money and investments.

Good Money Week runs from 2-8 October 2023 and is ‘the campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance’ in the UK. Whether your money is in a simple bank account, an investment or a pension, your money is being used by companies around the world to help them do business.

Many of the standard options available to investors will include companies who: pollute the environment, rely on child or unpaid labour, require their employees to work in unsafe conditions and (directly or indirectly) reduce biodiversity across the globe.

Investing ‘ethically’ broadly means that you have another goal besides a return on your investments: you also want your money to do good (or at least, to do as little harm as possible). For example, one ethical investor might simply aim to avoid putting their money in industries known to cause harm, such as tobacco, armaments, or gambling.

Another may seek the inclusion of a particular industry because of the ways in which they support and/or seek to develop positive impacts on the world around us.

Either way, at Lovewell Blake we take your ethics seriously. We will endeavour to individually tailor your investments to suit not only your financial objectives but also any particular ethical preferences you may have, using our rigorous screening process

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