Dental Practice owners

Lacy Capps

Our objective is to get to know you and your needs

Lacy Capps

Having worked with over 600 dental practitioners and specialised in the industry for man years, we recognise the support and guidance dentists require in order to make sure they comply with both HMRC and NHS regulations and also perfected systems in place to manage and run their business. 

Our services:

  • Preparation of end of year accounts

  • Bespoke bookkeeping required for the practice and Cloud accounting advice

  • Payroll outsourcing and HR support

  • Business tax planning and compliance with regards to buying or selling the practice

  • Pension advice, in particular with regards to the NHS in conjunction with financial advisers

  • Inheritance and estate planning

We help you achieve your financial goals utilising our extensive knowledge and expertise of the dental sector.

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What is a healthcare accountant?

This is an accountant who specialises in healthcare and therefore has an in-depth knowledge of your business to be able to provide appropriate and meaningful support and guidance. Our dedicated team of healthcare accountants work with dentists, GPs, locums, consultants and GP practices.

Do you offer accounting services for self-employed dentists?

Yes we do, we act for a number of associate dentists, providing them with guidance and assisting in the preparation of their annual accounts and tax returns. We also work with them as they continue their career journey with tax planning and if they do look to buy a dental practice we have a team who can work with them throughout that process.

How does Lovewell Blake standout as a healthcare and dental accountancy firm?

Our strapline says ‘we are different because you are’, and we tailor our solutions to meet your needs and requirements. We do not try and shoehorn you in to pre-set packages or pre-set solutions. We work with our clients to ensure that the service is right for their requirements.

Wide-ranging tax planning and compliance services for individuals seeking advice and guidance from our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Friendly and coherent advice and guidance on accounting and tax matters for small business owners including those starting out for the first time.

Established businesses requiring accounting and tax compliance services, forward thinking tax planning advice and the support to help your business succeed.

Our full range of enhanced corporate services aimed at large companies and those requiring audit, assurance, corporate tax advisory and diverse tax planning services.



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