State pension age hits 66

Christopher Egmore
Financial Planning
Chris Egmore for Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

The age you can start drawing your state pension has now officially increased to 66, for most people.

Chris Egmore for Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

The age people can start drawing the state pension has steadily been increasing as people live longer, and the government has plans for the increase to age 68, to be brought forward. The full state pension for new recipients is now £175.20 – paid weekly. To receive the full state pension, various criteria must be satisfied, including 35 qualifying years of national insurance contributions.

The increase in the state pension age is an important factor for people reaching retirement age, and their associated retirement planning. 

The coronavirus pandemic has led to many people reconsidering their retirement plans, especially for those that feel they are more at risk from the outbreak.


Planning ahead is crucial with regards to retirement provision. Younger workers should consider their current private pensions, and if these will provide a sufficient income during retirement. With planned increased to the state pension age - this is now more important.

It is possible to obtain a forecast of your state pension entitlement by applying online, or by sending off a BR19 form to the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP).

For people approaching retirement age, it is an opportunity to review their current pension provision, and to ensure that they understand the different options pre and post retirement. There have been drastic changes in pension legislation in the past 10 years, so having an understanding of these options is an important part of the retirement journey.

If you are approaching retirement, about to retire or indeed currently enjoying retirement, it is worthwhile speaking to a good independent financial adviser who will understand the impact of retiring. An experienced adviser can factor this into a holistic retirement strategy that meets your particular needs.  

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