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VAT deferment - direct debit reminder!

Rob Geary
1 min read

If you are VAT registered and took advantage of the VAT payment deferral arrangements you will need to reinstate your direct debit.

Should I contemplate selling my business during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Hannah Douglas
Corporate Finance
3 min read

While it may feel as though the world has come to a stand-still you may be thinking to yourself, what exactly can I be doing to ‘get the house in order’ before a potential sale?

Company Valuations during a pandemic

Samuel Grimmer
Corporate Finance
4 min read

There are a multitude of factors to consider when valuing a company but COVID-19, and the wider economic impact of the pandemic, has created a more complicated landscape for valuation professionals.

Creativity needed from retail as shops once again open their doors

Tim Barnes
3 min read

Retailers need to get creative and think about the shopping experience to entice customers back.

VAT alert: Domestic reverse charge on building and construction services

Rob Geary
4 min read

If your VAT-registered business provides construction services to another business you will no longer need to charge them VAT.

Introduction to investing

Ricky Banham
Financial Planning
4 min read

In March, the Bank of England unveiled its second interest rate cut in under two weeks, as part of a number of measures the central bank and UK government rolled out to help mitigate the economic impact of the Coronavirus.

Five key things to know about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Vicky Webber
Human Resources
4 min read

The 10 June is the last date that you can furlough an employee who has not yet been furloughed.

Inheritance tax rules for married couples and civil partners

Stephen Cameron
Financial Planning, Tax
3 min read

Without careful financial planning, you may find that much of the wealth you spent your lifetime creating may be taken in tax rather than being passed to your loved ones.

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