Daniel Baker - Case Study

Daniel Baker

A case study from Daniel Baker.

Daniel Baker

Why did you choose accountancy?

I chose a career in accountancy following on from my A Levels. I studied Maths, Business and Economics, all of which I really enjoyed. There were areas of Business and Economics which introduced me to accountancy and this was something I wanted to develop further and so led me to looking into a career in accountancy.

Why did you choose Lovewell Blake?

I knew I wanted to go straight into work after A Levels and Lovewell Blake offered a fantastic opportunity to do this. The training programme and support offered by Lovewell Blake is a great way to start a career in accountancy and it offered the opportunity to gain experience as well as completing my qualifications. I knew of Lovewell Blake and after attending the assessment day was really impressed by the people and wanted to become a part of the team as a result of this.

What is your role?

My role is varied and covers a large range of areas and responsibilities. I work as part of a brilliant team and my roles include preparing year end accounts as well as quarterly and monthly management accounts both in the office and on site at clients premises. I have the opportunity to work with and communicate with clients on a regular basis as well as putting into practice what I study as part of the ACA qualification.

Why do you enjoy your role?

Every day I look forward to coming to work and being part of the team, it’s a massive contributor to the work we do and the working environment we have is great to come into each day. The variety of the work and clients we work with also means the challenges each day are different and that helps to keep each day fresh and different from the last.

How have you progressed because of your role?

As part of my studies and working at Lovewell Blake I have developed my technical knowledge over the years, also I have progressed on a personal level too. I feel comfortable thinking on my feet as well as communicating with clients and in professional environments, something that I never had the opportunity to experience previously.

What three words would you use to describe working at Lovewell Blake?

Challenging, Sociable and Rewarding

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