Emily Pilsbury-Gaunt - Case Study

Emily Pilsbury-Gaunt

A case study from Emily Pilsbury-Gaunt.

Emily Pilsbury-Gaunt

Why accountancy?

There has always been a fear that computers would eventually dominate the world and replace the average human’s job but that’s where it has become even more apparent that the core function of an accountant is indispensable. Building interpersonal relationships with clients to explain all the fancy formulas, reports and analyse the data remains to paramount to understand the flows of money in business - which is as relevant as ever.

In fact, technological advances have helped to streamline this process and create innovative ways of recording and inputting data such as artificial intelligence and data analytics showing how adaptable the profession really is. It really can be fast paced, ever changing and thought-provoking.

Why Lovewell Blake?

Lovewell Blake has a positive working environment where they take care of their employees and foster personal growth. Our managers care about us as employees and treat us well. I am encouraged to learn and try new things but if it doesn’t work out, I am supported to learn lessons, get back up and try again. And the small things do not go amiss such as the free fresh fruit, surprise care packages, virtual wellbeing sessions and social events. I also love the people I work with; my colleagues are awesome, talented, hilarious, and helpful. Because of this we have a laugh every single day.

What is your role?

I work with small businesses and SMEs. Essentially, my job involves ensuring that the clients we work with are fully compliant by preparing and confirming that their financial statements and VAT returns are submitted correctly and at the right time. We also prepare management accounts to provide advice and information about making key financial decisions to help direct successful decision making.

Why do you enjoy your role?

Its intriguing to dissect data and reach conclusions based on evidence. My role also means I can work with and range of different clients and by working through their accounts I am able to get a broad insight into how different businesses operate. The work I do can also help shape and grow businesses for the future as they look for advice about how to build and support future growth.

How have you progressed because of your role?

I have been given some great opportunities and have taken on loads of new challenges. This has boosted my confidence. Additionally, the studying we do alongside our work means that I have made great gains with my technical knowledge. Everyone hits roadblocks or setbacks, but the support LB shower us with means that you can still stay on track.

What three words would you use to describe working at Lovewell Blake?

Rewarding. Supportive. Family

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