Improve your office day - what can you do for your employees?

Claire Moore
Human Resources
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4 October is ‘improve your office’ day. A day dedicated to the small changes that individuals can make to their office space to improve it.

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Whilst the onus of Improve Your Office Day is on employees to make these improvements, there is plenty you can you can do as an employer to help improve the space your employees work in.

Legal obligations
You have legal obligations under health and safety law to ensure you provide a safe and suitable working environment for employees. However, by going above and beyond the minimum expectation you will reap the benefits of the enhanced space.

Consider whether equipment is fit for purpose and the best it can be. Updating equipment that is tired or not functioning properly will work wonders on employees’ productivity. As well as the basic equipment being fit for purpose, consider whether there is anything else employees need to help them in their workspace. This can take the form of ergonomic equipment suitable for your particular industry ie foot rests or wrist rests for those that sit at their workstations.

Remote working employees
If you have people working remotely you should educate them on the importance of a suitable workspace at home as well as in the workplace. Your obligations towards your employees’ health, safety and wellbeing do not stop when they leave the office, if you have staff who work from home then risk assessments, lone working policies and suitable equipment are essential.

It’s not all about the physical space employees work in for most of their day, make sure you provide an adequate space for them to take time out too. A quiet area away from the hustle of the workplace, along with facilities to heat food and sit and eat it, will help employees take their well-earned breaks and then return to work to be more productive.
Other considerations

Don’t forget about those employees who have conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism who may need adjustments made to their working environment or specialist equipment. You may have an obligation under the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments for these employees which can involve changes to the physical space around them but it also makes good business sense to embrace the skills of the neuro-diverse workforce.  

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