Changes to flexible working

Claire Moore
Human Resources
Claire Moore, HR adviser

From 6 April 2024 we will see a number of changes made to the legislation surrounding flexible working requests.

Claire Moore, HR adviser

When requesting flexible working arrangements, workers are no longer required to detail any issues that could arise from the change in working. The onus will now be on the employer to identify any potential issues and look for ways in which these could be addressed.

Another key change is that workers will have the right to request flexible working from day one of their employment. They will also be able to make 2 requests in a 12-month period, opposed to the 1 request previously permitted.

Time scales have also been reduced meaning that employers must deal with the request within a 2-month period, including any appeal stage.

Should an employer not be able to grant the request, or are looking to suggest an amended request, they must meet with the worker to consult on the matter.

Employers need to ensure that their policies and procedures are updated to reflect these changes. Our consultancy team can assist in updating existing policies or providing new policies.

If you require assistance with managing a flexible working request or drafting a flexible working policy

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