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Pension scams average losses now over £50,000

The Marketing Team
Financial Planning
2 min read

According to the latest figures from Action Fraud the average loss from pension scams has reached £50,949 this year.

State Pension 8% Predicted Rise

Christopher Egmore
Financial Planning
2 min read

In 2020, the state pension age officially increased to 66; however, recently there has been several news articles and commentary around the government’s triple lock promise and that this could mean an 8% increase in the state pension from April 2022.

What is pension tax relief?

Ricky Banham
Financial Planning
3 min read

Pension tax relief can seem like an alien concept, but it pays to understand what it is and how you can make the most of it, up to certain limits.

The additional benefits of EIS and VCT investing

Sharon Mattheus
Financial Planning
4 min read

A growing number of investors are seeking ways to invest tax-efficiently other than through their pensions and Individual Savings Accounts (ISA). The reason being that those investors have fully used their ISA allowances and have significant pension contributions have compounded over the years. Pensions have a tax-efficient lifetime allowance, above which clients question why they should keep adding if they are going to get taxed later at a higher rate!

How can you teach teens about money?

Trazer Farnese
Financial Planning
4 min read

Teenage years can be difficult and money matters are often seen as insignificant but educating teens on managing their money is an important step in them learning financial independence, as they get older.

Re-joining the NHS Pension Scheme

Matthew Harrington
Financial Planning
6 min read

Changes to pension annual allowance rates that were announced in this years budget, those who previously opted-out may now consider opting back in.

Has Covid made you re-evaluate your retirement plans?

Sharon Mattheus
Financial Planning, COVID-19
4 min read
The Covid pandemic has made all of us reassess our priorities – and for many, revaluate their retirement plans, says Sharon Mattheus, financial adviser at Lovewell Blake Financial Planning.

Pension fraud increased to £1.8 million in first quarter of 2021

The Marketing Team
Financial Planning
2 min read

Losses from pension fraud rose to £1.8 million in the first three months of this year, according to figures from Action Fraud.

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