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NHS Pension - 2019/20 Annual Allowance Charge Compensation Scheme

Alex Harrington
6 min read

What do I need to do?

Superannuation collections and the importance of checking your Open Exeter statement every month!

Keith Shorten
4 min read

Each year a Practice is required to submit to PCSE by 1 March an ‘Estimate of Pensionable Profits’ form for the forthcoming pension year commencing on 1 April.

Now is the time to think about doing your annual Type 2 superannuation form for 2019/20 if you haven’t done so already.

Sophie Palmer
10 min read

Who needs to complete a Type 2 certificate?

An NHS Pension Scheme Annual Allowance and tax 'ready reckoner' has been released for use by scheme members

Alex Harrington
2 min read

A new tool has been developed to enable members of the NHS pension scheme to have an insight into their overall position.

NHS Pension - Have you checked your Annual Allowance charge position?

Shaun Davison
5 min read

Thousands of NHS healthcare professionals, including consultants, general practitioners and dentists, have started to receive copies of their Annual Allowance Pension Savings Statements (AAPSS) from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

Open Exeter and the new PCSE online portal

Sophie Palmer
4 min read

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) are introducing a new digital service for submitting, approving and reviewing payment claims and pension requests.

NHS Superannuation Certificates

Richard Keeler
1 min read

NHS Superannuation Certificates are available to download from NHS Compass.

NHS Dentists Year-End Reconciliation

Simon De-Lacy Adams
1 min read

The Business Services Authority issued an email on 29 July, confirming that the end of year contractual reconciliation, to 31 March 2020 should be uploaded to Compass by 09:00 on 30 July

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